Housing Registry


“In a recent study on housing needs for people with physical disabilities in the City of Calgary, 73% of respondents indicated that their annual income is less than $25,000 per year.”

“Over 46 per cent of respondents from the study revealed they are not living in an accessible housing space, which means that many people with physical disabilities may be at risk of homelessness in Calgary.”

The Housing Registry assists clients with identifying their housing needs and helps them obtain safe, affordable, barrier free housing in the community. The Registry maintains a master database of known accessible apartment suites, condominiums, and even private dwellings in the City of Calgary. Units are rated according to their level of accessibility, thus enabling the Registry to appropriately match available units to those requiring them.

To access the Housing Registry, call 403-282-1872 or e-mail info@ahscalgary.ca

When a person calls, the Housing Registry works to:

  • Assess and match individual accessibility requirements with available units.
  • Assist and refer clients with varying access needs to suitable accommodations.
  • Link clients to appropriate community resources and supports in Calgary.